Eco Synergy Village

The Eco Synergy Village is a unique co-creation location to facilitate a global coordination & design platform. Run by local residents from the community as well as live-in co-creators from all parts of the world. The Village marries together ancient wisdom with the latest trends in social networking, hacker & maker-spaces, sharing platforms and permaculture design to create a new lifestyle alternative based on abundance. The Eco Synergy Village is purpose driven to map and organize regenerative solutions to create a better world for all.

The Set-up:
a) The Village location as a strong foundation to build upon
b) An innovative Blueprint / New Model via 12 Sectors of Society & 3-Pillars of Activism
c) Connecting a global network Movement of Movements

To map, coordinate, connect and organize up to 500,000 to 1,000,000* activist groups, orgs & projects. Mapping the Mappers. Activities and developing tools in / for all topics below.

– Cross-cutting themes for transitions
– Transformation processes: e.g. governance and economics
– ICTs and data monitoring data and internet of things
– Education, communication and awareness
– Participation & co-creating urban transformations
– Integrating disciplines and knowledge sectors with new thinking and innovation

Focusing on overcoming silos. Building a Network of Networks, A Movement of Movements. Facilitating collaboration and new paradigm education.

Lowering illusionary borders in our minds
Lowering illusionary borders in our minds

Vision > A society based on self-determination, trust and cooperation which allows people to live to their full potential and to preserve ecosystems for all living beings. Only 5 – 10% critical mass is needed for change to happen.

Mission > We encourage relationships where people can share their time, skills and resources, unconditionally. Raise awareness for a sustainable way of living.

Primary objective > To co-create and launch the platform which brings a sharing & gifting movement world-wide. Use the wisdom of the crowd / ‘collective consciousness’.

What > The Village is a place where people can live as a community and manifest a better world
Why > We see that together we have everything
How > Options for: co-funding / co-living / co-working / productions / services / sharing & gifting

Technical Approach > Decentralised and distributed:

– Blockchain / Holochain / Web-based design & development
– Prioritise natural user interfaces
– Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality / Artificial Intelligence (automation) / IoT
– Gamification
– Development of Global Problem Solving technology e.g. ECO SYNERGY ENGINE

Being part of a Network: Nodes / Pods / Hubs / Villages and Cities where synergistic co-creation happens for global solutions. Make VISIBLE for the world that millions of people and organisations are working on solutions and new regenerative models. Movement Sense-making. Function as a Community Incubator to support Humanity’s Phase Shift.


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