We are in the time of THE GREAT PAUSE. The illusion has been broken. So, now we call upon you to take THE GREAT PAUSE as an opportunity to reflect and reconsider. Find value in yourself outside of your job and take back your time. Be rebelliously unproductive. Don’t listen to the advocates of the “abnormal normal” when they call you back to the endless toil of “business as usual”. There is no usual anymore. 

Please check out our new videos (part 1, 2 &3) that are co-produced by Evan Wiley and the teams at WorldSummit Movement, HackHumanity and Envienta, which lays out this profound time of reflection that we find ourselves in about where we might collectively go next.

Part one ” A Revolution in Lifestyle” > In this phase we are introduced to a totally different way of living in The New Normal… In part 1 we lay out this profound time of reflection that we find ourselves in and where we might collectively go to next.

The Great Pause from Evan Webster Wiley on Vimeo.

Part two “Why we can not go back to normal” > In chapter one of this video, we put a critical lens on the current failing system and show why it doesn’t make sense to go back to the degenerative ‘abnormal normal’. In the second chapter we zoom in on the possibilities of how we can solve our problems at the root cause level by working within three pillars of activism. The Covid-19 lockdown is a case-study that proves that we indeed can change society very quickly if we have a compelling reason to do so.

Part three “Black Lives Matter & the Three Pillars of Activism” > In this video we are zooming in on how Black Lives Matter is a case study that shows how we can affect transformative change in all 3 pillars of activism. We are highlighting massive shifts in consciousness, powerful holding actions and root systems change happening now that we can build on with other movements to create a new regenerative world that works for everyone. We introduce (r)evolutionary “Transition Tactics” and a “Superordinate Goal”: to provide for the basic needs of every man, woman and child on earth. This is the New Normal…humanity’s phase shift.

Learn more at: hackhumanity.net/a_call_to_action/

WorldSummit: website
Envienta: sto.envienta.com/

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