Open letter – A call to action

An open letter to all protesters, climate/civil activists, the maker/hacker movement, the eco-initiatives, and all empowered individuals whom are ready to act

Contrary to what we are told, and as the book A Paradise Built in Hell documents, our true human nature of goodness and cooperation shines through in times of disaster and crisis, when we come together to help each other. If that is true, then it begs the question… Do we really need crisis to motivate us to express our inherent cooperative and empathic nature? Is it possible to avoid much human suffering that seems to be heading our way, and get out in front of the coming crisis to steer ourselves in a different direction? This open letter is to inform you that a positive collaborative way forward exists, and we invite you to step into it and contribute tangible action with us.


Despite the stereotype, not all hackers are bad. There are so-called “Ethical Hackers” working to right the wrongs in the world through acts of civil disobedience with respect to the rules that no longer benefit humanity. In order to create new systems you sometimes have to step outside the current institutions and structures that tell us “no, you can’t do that”.

The hacker ethic is a can-do attitude, that says “We can, we will, and WE ARE working, now, to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.” There are already many thousands of groups and millions of individuals working to address local and global problems. We simply need to combine our efforts and scale this thing, both locally and globally. The ethical hacker ethos is not exclusive to coders and techies. Indeed we need hacker rebels in all domains of human endeavour including culture, consciousness, science, systems design, spirituality, and indigenous wisdom.


This is the proposal as put forth by ENVIENTA and their hackathon approach which they originally developed and implemented with other partners in South Africa during the water crisis in February 2018. This experiment, among other hacking efforts, have demonstrated that it is indeed possible to generate global interest and activism towards creating practical solutions at the local level. This demonstrates that self-empowered individuals are capable of self-organizing, outside of state governments, to come together to do whatever is necessary to meet our collective human needs.


While there are valid reasons for cynicism with our so-called leaders when it comes to climate action, as well as other social issues, we see grounds for hope in the grassroots initiatives taking place around the world to address the multitude of problems that exist. It is worth highlighting the fact that these volunteers are already working countless hours, without adequate resources, in spite of the glaring fact that we collectively possess more than enough resources to solve our problems many times over. The global socio-economic system that we have created appears to be incapable of addressing the problems that it has created or supporting those attempting to do so.. Let’s begin acting together, now, to address the root cause of all of these problems instead of waiting for crises in all sectors to keep arriving and expecting governments or industry to come to our rescue. Besides the continuing global water crisis, there are many other critical challenges that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Fortunately efforts are already underway with ongoing initiatives around the world: (Extinction Rebellion,, Fridays for Future, OSCE Days, WorldSummit and many more). Activists, volunteers, innovators, makers, experts and all kinds of creative people have been combining their efforts to address real world problems by planting trees, producing food locally, cleaning the beaches and oceans of plastic, creating new systems, reducing CO2 emissions, etc.  

These activities demonstrate our capability to get involved and make direct contributions to global challenges in a calm, rational and planned way, rather than from a place of desperation and the civil unrest that could arise from competition over scarce resources. Let’s stop habitually “putting out fires” (i.e. addressing symptoms) when we so clearly need to change the conditions that allow for fires to occur in the first place. Protests taking place around the world have been successful in helping to change the narrative by making climate change a focus of attention. Now it is time for us to to “level up” by connecting, unifying and sharing. This approach forms the basis of our vision for empowering localized initiatives that can scale globally. 


There are not nearly enough groups and movements working together towards common goals. None of us can save the world alone and no group or organisation possesses all of the answers. We need to partner for survival’s sake. Individualism has had its day. The days of “ME” orientation are over; it’s time for “WE” thinking and collective problem solving. When we make this shift, and “open source everything”, we will see that it leads to an exponential increase in our problem-solving capabilities through activation of our global collective intelligence.. 

The way in which the Occupy Wall Street movement lost momentum and failed to bring about real change provides us with a cautionary tale of how a movement can falter and then fold. The lesson that should be drawn from this cautionary tale is that some of the energy invested in protesting needs to be directed towards positive, practical projects and initiatives, such as the maker movement, the ecovillage movement, platform cooperatives and many others, along with an open source approach. The key to our success is to combine forces through discovering, from amongst all the different groups and communities working for positive change, the best way to share and combine our knowledge and resources in order to maximise our strength and influence. The maker movement, for example, has grown significantly since the time of Occupy and is now a global movement of regular people from all walks of life who are ready to get active in building solutions for their own households and their own communities. 


This is an action-oriented initiative, designed for individuals and groups who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and get to work. We have a platform that is continually evolving and will continue to develop and improve with your help. The aim and rationale of the hackathon is to mobilize the sleeping giant of “the commons” through creating collaborative, scalable processes for a planet of innovators to help solve global challenges through local initiatives. 

ENVIENTA is offering their platform, which will launch soon to the open-source community, in order to create regenerative technological solutions for issues in any part of the world organized through online and local hackathons on an ongoing basis.  We can each make a meaningful contribution to the development of alternative solutions that can be scaled up and creatively applied to many sectors in order to create a regenerative society that works for all. We invite you to become a signatory and actively support #HackHumanity.

We have initiated 12 themes to hack at Regenerative Hackathons. Each of these is a sector that we can create a solution and/or tool for. We are referring to them as 12 fields of Regenerative Development Goals.

However, before we start addressing these sectors & goals we will commence with  “Hackathon Zero” in circa 6-8 weeks in order to establish an operational IT back-end enabling us to begin the hackathon serial #hackhumanity. Our Hackathon ZERO team is looking for new members including people with prior experience with open source projects. If you are interested in participating please fill out this form which will link you with the peer community currently working on the IT carrier of the #hackhumanity hackathons: and / or Join our FB group:

We are looking forward to meeting and cooperating with you! 

None of us can save the world alone, but we can each make our contributions that can be scaled up to create a regenerative society.

NOTE: This is an evolving invitation letter that will be updated regularly depending on input & feedback we receive from interested groups, individuals and / or Partners.



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