Regenerative Development Goals

Regenerative Development Goals

We have 12 themes we will hack, each is a sector where we can create a solution and / or tool for. We are referring to them as 12 fields of Regenerative Development Goals. The RDGs are related to the Sustainable Development Goals as introduced by the United Nations in 2015 and adopted by all United Nations Member States. Find more info about the SDGs here.

Working with the Twelve Sectors at the Envienta & WorldSummit Hackathons

● Food, Environment, Water, Wildlife
● Media, Communication
● Learning, Education
● Relations, Peacebuilding, Community
● Spirituality, Personal Development, Religion
● Justice, Sovereignty, Governance
● Ancient Wisdom
● Resource-Sharing, Economics, Trade
● Arts, Music, Culture
● Housing, Infrastructure, Transport
● Science, Technology, Energy
● Health, Wellness, Family
● Sexuality & Love (addition that affects the whole)

You can find for example an overview of practical solutions as gathered by Project Drawdown >

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