Study case proves humanity can shift today

Study case proves humanity can shift today

If we are able to overcome our challenges that divide us, where would we start? Surely shifting from a competitive mindset to a collaborative one… and perhaps we can still find some answers in the current ‘competition’ mindset.

I’ve been watching some soccer games lately and analyzing the phenomenon of supporters of soccer (or football) clubs. E.g. how fans are attached to, and are identifying with, mainly the ‘colors of an outfit’. Sure there is the concept of social bonding, feeling part of the same team and all, however it still looks quite silly and primitive behavior (ps: no judgment here or saying it’s right or wrong).

Having that said, there might be a silver lining to be found if we read between the lines, a lining which makes me feel very optimistic about our evolving process of lowering illusionary boundaries in our minds :-).


Let’s take a look at our basic and primal energies of attachments, for example like being a supporter for any sports team.

What do we observe?

  • When there is a City (derby) game, people cheer for their neighborhood team, and are against the ‘rivalrous’ neighborhood.
  • When there is a national (or provincial) game, people cheer for their local city team and are against the ‘rivalrous’ city.
  • When there is an international city game (champions league), people cheer for their city / country team and are against the ‘rivalrous’ city / country.
  • When there is an international game, like European or world games, people cheer for their country and are against other ‘rivalrous’ countries.
  • When there would be an inter-galactic game, all people would cheer for the Earth team and would be against the other ‘rivalrous’ planet teams.
  • If there was a cosmic-league game — between different universes — all sentient beings within our universe would cheer for the universe team.

And so on…..

Observation / Conclusion: If we keep zooming out, we effortlessly are able to drop our illusionary boundaries, and the membranes that normally separate us, are miraculously, dissolved.

This example shows that we are ready to adapt and transition, IF we feel we have something in common ﹘ something that binds us…

..just like that).

This is possible in a competitive way and / or a collaborative way. And that proves that Humanity has the flexibility to adapt, to overcome challenges, and come up with holistic solutions.

And it’s all here already, in our minds ;-).

So let’s all support the Humanity Team and Humanity’s Phase Shift by learning to be flexible with our attachments, this to lower the illusionary border in our minds!💜

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