Budapest week trip 2023

Budapest week trip 2023

Robert Schram and Troy Wiley came full circle on their HackHumanity Budapest week trip!

Troy: “We experienced a wonderful week of synergy and co-creation with ENVIENTA, Gabor Kiss & Gábor Tóth, Jozsef Veress, Viktor, Andrai, Lezlo and many others). Beside producing material for multi-media productions to promote regenerative projects and concepts to support the paradigm shift, we are also thrilled about the prospects of a connection with Corvinus University down the street from the synergy hub!”

HackHumanity will give students the opportunity to learn more about alternative socio-economic and (self)governance models, via workshops introducing them to concepts e.g. ‘BEYOND FLATLAND’ on the 8 forms of capital, and ‘Regenerative Development Goals’ (Transition Tactics) on actions we should take right now.

Yes we sense there is a lot of energy that can be unlocked on a grassroot level, while at the same time we connect the dots with holistic solutions on a global meta-level. We gained new insights on how we can find balance between ‘branded’ projects and the ‘unbranded’ ones, which we would love to ‘capture’ in an exciting underground, grass roots “brandless” polypoly mycelium media network.

Robert Schram and Troy Wiley are feeling honored to be of service to Humanity, and many thanks go out to the hack-team in Budapest that hosted us perfectly <3

#regeneration #regenaissance #phaseshift #newparadigm #polypoly

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