With all crisis going on at the same time, the world is looking for answers and pulling together

With all crisis going on at the same time, the world is looking for answers and pulling together

We are at the verge of arriving at a new model of civilisation that serves everyone. You might ask yourself, how can I be this positive…? I can name at least 15 crisis we are experiencing globally right now, which all seems to look like a Doomsday scenario for the world to end pretty soon…And still I see rapid change happening :). First let’s put things in perspective…Which crisis are troubling us then? Let’s name a few..

We have outdated and old infrastructures and methods of production, fossil fuel energy, changing climate, dumped ammunition & chemical waste (time-bombs), plastics in the oceans, financial inequality, poverty, hunger, (lack of fresh)water, welfare, plundering of natural resources, carbon overshoot, earth overshoot, politics (non)democracy, older pensioned people / less youth, loss of jobs by automation, social isolation / loneliness, stress, obesity, biosphere, and on and on..the list seems endless, doesn’t it?

So why do I feel so optimistic? Because there is no ONE answer to solve our problems…there are MANY…. AND millions of good people are working on them. I am clearly noticing numerous activists are doing groundbreaking work and finding each other faster and faster. Sure we have to catch up fast with organizing, but now it’s ongoing and the possibility of creating new solutions has come clearly into view (the ghost is out of the bottle). For each inter-related problem there is a solution that will firstly ask of each of us that we go through an inward process…. “Do I really want this change for the good of the whole and myself? And do I trust in the process that will enable us to pull this off together?”

LiveHOPE Festival in 2020 supporting the Paradigm Shift

Now it wouldn’t be fair to name our crisis here without giving proper solutions. And all of these solutions are right here under our noses, which, believe me, makes me really very happy!

Outdated technology and methods of organisation? Blockchain (based) technology will offer us new solutions. In healthcare, education, all kind of sectors where we need to see where our ‘resources’ are ‘traveling’ and what we can do more efficiently. Energy? A massive shift from fossil to renewable energy has already started and we can speed it up if we want to. Climate change? Stop using fossil fuels and pushing carbon into the atmosphere and plant a lot of trees to stop and reverse the process. Poverty? Introduce Universal Basic Services. Hunger? The same and bring food production solutions where the problem is. Fresh water? We can distill it locally out of the air now. Welfare? That one is already solved with UBI (Universal Basic Income as initiated by Italy) / UBS. Plundering of resources? Give people basic needs and there is no need for plundering for profit. Politics & Democracy? Self-governance is possible through AI & blockchain technology. More retired (pensioned) people and fewer younger people? Let them take care of each other as initiated in the Netherlands. Stress? Change the workweek from 40 to 21 hours, we will have to anyhow because of automation. Obesity? Go through an inner coaching course and learn why you don’t care enough about yourself and the world and start to appreciate and love yourself again.

Simply said my dear readers, we can change the world in no-time. You see it’s an inward and outward process, its bottom up, its top-down, it’s in / from every direction. And it’s all there for us to decide…do I still want this life, or do I want a better one, for ALL OF US?

Media Platform Planet Earth connecting and showing all energies for positive change

So here I am, being active in several projects that are pulling a lot of things together, and I love it. From organising a coordinating and designing network to working on creating an improved educational system; from a Hacking Platform for solution based blueprints to a Solutions Hub,;from a Multi-Media Platform to Global life awareness festivals and events; from a Synergy Hub Network to creating Global Agreements in the best way; from a Life-guide support process to resolve your challenges to an All connecting next version of the Internet…

From protesting to TEDx solutions to new models, from the 3-pillars of activism to Humanity’s Phase Shift…and so much more…Everything is coming together, right here, right now!

We can Hack all our problems from a Holistic overview and see how solutions in each sector affects the other sectors with feedback loops

Projects from multiple sectors are on the verge of lifting off. Can you imagine how many others are? So yes, I feel very optimistic. Lets bring these solutions to the masses and pull this off together!








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