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Like many other partners & events being part of this set-up we are showing we can achieve so much more by collaborating and co-working together!

ENVIENTA Open Source Everything > An alternative lifestyle for the near future. The present technology and voluntary sharing will bring us to a sustainable world. ENVIENTA is a modular system, so its future plans can be implemented within cities and outside as well. How to make it work? Open source it. It is a ‘connect the dots’ type of initiative which aims to collect various forms of open source technology and use them to create an entire lifestyle based on low-cost modular solutions and open knowledge. ENVIENTA is the creator and server of our website(s) and the WorldSummit Workspaces Project Management platform the Unity Core Team uses.  
More info here > https://envienta.com/

WorldSummit > WorldSummit is a peaceful (r)evolutionary movement connecting and unifying thousands of groups and individuals worldwide who are converging now to create a new operating system, including entirely new self-governance and regenerative economic models, by 2020. We have already partnered with over 50 different groups from all sectors of society including universities, NGO’s, social justice and environmental movements. We are gathering the critical mass support to flip the paradigm to a better world that meets everyone’s basic needs. More info here > http://www.worldsummit.global/home/ and / or http://www.worldsummit.global/

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  1. —–
    Our main objective and our main task as humanity in this very historical moment in order to keep our ecosystem on earth alive and thereby our world civilization, is to overcome the ‘engines of combustion&destruction’ of the current ‘WorldFinancial&TradeSystem’ with the help of the implemented computersystemic global digital networking..

    I would like to give some further reflections, arguments which show a bit why we can’t succeed getting out of fossil energy as a larger part within the next 10 years keeping our world financial&trade systems, as no other of the big problems can be solved..

    Of this amount of 280 trillion USD, as the global sum of investments, assets and shareholdings of the big banks and asset management firms in this world, about 90% is in conservative investment models, closely linked in the most profitable business models (including especially oil, gas & coal), because they guarantee stability and the most of the profit.
    No one of the big, often nationally bound investment trusts or banks can deduct their shares within these very few years which are left, in investments which don’t bring the same amount of profit, no one is allowed to step back or the competitor could gain advantages in order to determine the rules.
    Here to mention are especially countries like the USA, Russia, countries of the Middle East, or even smaller countries like Venezuela, Ukraine, etc. depending on these huge revenues by oil&gas. Europe or China would maybe get advantages, if the other leading countries would have to pay a tax (carbon price, etc.) or are cut-off these revenues.
    Also, these finances can’t be transfered in other, less profitable investment models without that the whole system could even crash, as it did almost crash already in connection with real estate investments in 2008..
    Furthermore, these transfers or taxations, divestments, etc. could only be implemented globally and simultaneously, but would interfere deeply in global power relations, such that numerous countries economically depending on fossil fuels, like the already mentioned countries, the States, Russia, countries of the Middle East, etc. can’t and won’t participate..!
    These countries, all connected companies and financial institutes would have to be compensated ongoing for their loss of income.. who would pay, how much and how long for each of them..?

    Finally there is only this solution left to keep our ecosystem alive..
    a ‘currency&trade-free one-world-society’..!

    Coincidently, we have a much better ‘tool’ as an organisational tool for mankind, for our world population.. the implemented computerized global digital network.. which is a much better device than currency&trade systems are.. considered by themselves the computersystemic networkings have a much greater power as an organisational tool as any kind of monetary systems ever had..
    Technologically we could switch them off and transfer our world organisation (which is now running mainly using currency&trade systems simultaneously as the driving engine) immediately onto the computersystemic global digital networking, or within 2-3 years of preparation in order to transfer it at a specific date..
    The only thing missing is the consciousness, the conviction and the will of the world population..!
    If this would be the case, we could go out of all kind of money&tradesystems, of this WorldFinancialSystem, while creating a one world society (keeping all kind of regional cultures, traditions, religions, languages and so on)..

    Now, since the whole world has to fight a survival battle, which can only be won united, it’s even essential to get the awarness and the will to overcome our current organisational system..
    Maintaining the contemporary world financial&trade system, with all the inherent forces of competition, conflicts and concentration, we don’t have any chance to keep our lifeworld alive.. we are forced to do this step forward in human history..!

    Therefore, we have to initiate and create a chain reaction towards this solution approach..
    that in all countries (about 190, compressed to 150 considering smaller populations) or in 150 regions in this world, that in each of them people or groups would start to activate 150 people of whom each of them might win 150 others and once again each one finds 150..
    this amount of people, convinced and activated for this idea, would be sufficient (in India and China maybe a bit more :D), eventually about 500-700 million residents all around the world..
    including that in the mean time all kind of organisations, NGO’s, movements, parties, campaignes, networks, conventional and web media, personalities (scientists, politicians, artists & starlets), etc. would start to speak about, overtake or spread this idea..
    all together we might initiate a new time era on this planet within the next 5-10 years..

    Maybe you want to become one of these 150, to spread this idea (an idea whose time has come) and to start discussions about by yourself/yourselves and in your own way 🙂
    Eventually everyone becomes one of these 150, that we stand together as one earth population facing the climate crisis, as to resolve all the other problems of our time..

    At the end, we have to build a global internet platform for this (like ‘network currency&trade-Free-1WorldSociety’ or another name) with its only target to initiate a world referendum to shut down all kind of currency&trade systems at a definite time and transfering the world organization onto therefore prepared computersystemic global digital networkings… a platform for everyone on this world, connecting globally all kind of groups, movements, organisations, parties, religious groups, public figures, average people, etc..

    It’s a big thing and it sounds far, but time is running out.. there is no other way than to focus on that, to build the awareness, the global consciousness in this direction..!

    We are forced to make this decision now, on what we (everybody of us in this world) focus on as the main objective, or it doesn’t count any more, because it’s to late to interfere effectively halting an ecological breakdown..
    There’s no other way that everybody of us, no matter in which position, in which region of this world has to become a part of a chain reaction towards this final destination..
    That we have to change not only our way of living, to do a paradigmen shift – whose effects, in case being universally accepted and successful against the enormous influences of omnipresent and permanent advertising and other media distractions, couldn’t be absorbed by labour markets and social systems – but also our way of organisation, similar to times when the first monetary systems were introduced a couple of thousand years ago, because societies did increase that much that barter economies were not appropriate any more..
    Now the currency&trade systems are not appropriate any more to solve any of the big problems in this world.. the environmental and climate crisis heading towards an ecological breakdown of the world’s current ecosystem, the crisis of international conflicts about declining raw materials and resources (especially oil&gas), of trade conflicts and most destructive wars, the social crises (from starvation to working poor), the crisis of worldwide refugee movements and coming population displacements, consequences of overexploitation, overconsumption, abundance and wasting for future generations, soon strong impacts of increasing automation, etc. etc.
    Even though now, as it was this big advantage having a period of monetary systems, that it was a tool helping that finally the whole earth population did grow together in a certain way, did intertwine the world (even if, at the same time did create circumstances of concentration, competition and discords, appearing for example as nationalism, religious fundamentalism, racism, different kind of social battles, etc.), now that the whole world is that much related and interdependent, we have to make this step forward in human history as a common international simultaneous step: to transfer the world’s currency&trade system onto therefore prepared global digital networkings (computer systemically decentralized and open-source) to a specific date..
    unfortunately, it’s a matter of survival in a race against time..!!

    “It’s Time for a currency&trade-Free OneWorldSociety! Let’s do it!”
    “Protect the Planet! Rise for Climate, Rise up for a currency&trade-Free WorldSociety!”

    Open letter to all people who don’t want to continue the way of self-extinction, of this terrestrial suicide and to ‘Extinction Rebellion’!
    Dear XR, it’s a fatalistic mistake, since you possess the right name (extinction rebellion), passing the tipping points in this very historic moment, in a situation in which it is about all or nothing, to set the strategic direction, that the people of the XR-movement should make pressure on respresentatives with the help of experts (see remark below).
    If you don’t want to be an ‘Extinction Accompany Movement’ in reality, I would like to give the suggestion to change in a way that all people who want to avoid the self-extinction make pressure on all parties, organisations, movements, publishing houses, public figures and all individuals to take and being a part of uniting and focussing to replace the monetary world system with the help and on basis of therefore prepared global digital networkings (computer systemically decentralized and open-source) to a specific date in the next years, which would only (!) allow the radical change of course, this emergency brake, to face this seminal catastrophe.
    It is the only organisational tool able to organise the world doing this extremely necessary radical change of course and to redefine our world civilization averting this catastrophe, while never ever catastrophic events of greater dimensions, were averted and coped by money, by figures&numbers, calculations&sums, taxes&prizes, premiums&bonuses, divestments, stock market indices, price loss, balance sheets, sales volumes, financial yields, dividends&distributions, at financial centers or stock&equity markets&exchanges, with capital investment models and interest rates, speculations&bettings, base rates&balances of trade/key interest rates, trade balance, export surplus, punitive tariffs&penalty payments, trade conflicts&wars, negotiators, acquisitions&takeovers of groups&companys, alliances&coalitions and mergers, etc. etc…
    or by making pressure on representatives embedded or depending with their economic or individual existence of these systems and machinerie!!
    It’s a mistake to believe, to hope that representatives could solve this crisis, to extinguish the thousands of fires inside our planetary house. This is an old model, which was and still is intentionally inculcated in people’s minds, propagating ongoingly in films and daily media, that heroes and starlets, super politicians, representatives of any kind, now even Greta Thunberg is misused in this sense, that they are the ones who can save the world, like as kings and gods in earlier times, intending that the masses stay inactive, in order to keep real change down..!
    Especially now, facing this seminal catastrophe which humanity will hardly survive, this way of thinking is the greatest threat and obstacle to win this fight, to succeed in keeping our planetary lifeworld.
    Not one catastrophic event has ever been averted and coped by representatives, gods, or by trusting on them..! This is a cultural lie!
    Now, as for the future, everyone and everybody has to become an expert and responsible, a poltician, a starlet and heroe, a representative of life and nature, has to become an earth-protector..!
    “True leaders don’t create followers, they activate, empower and create more leaders!”
    “Great things are done by (a series of) small things brought together.” Vincent van Gogh,
    Now in this specific time, in this state of emergency, all habitants of this world have to do and to give everything he or she can do and give, not to waste any time in idleness and inactivity, in order to achieve a great global (nuclear) human chain reaction extinguishing all the fires, in order to win this fight, in order to keep our planetary lifeworld in the historically very last minute..!

    We don’t make it (to keep this lifeworld), if not everybody, especially people, organisations or groups with a bigger range of influence do process this in their own way and starting to spread this solution approach as well in order that it becomes a worldwide agenda item!

    Imaginary speech of Great Greta Thunberg and the Global Youth Strike Movements

    “Getting aware of this towering, massing together, fast developing, gigantic seminal catastrophe and seeing that fossil fuels, especially oil and gas, are still generating the most of financial revenues in the world, seeing that almost all conflicts and wars are in regions where there are the biggest deposits and reserves of them, seeing that there is a denial of most evident scientific findings for simple economic reasons, being afraid to loose their respective position in global power structures, seeing this all just as few out of many other aspects, I ask myself, why humanity, being confronted with such a catastrophe, threatening the mere human existence on this planet, doesn’t organize itself only on bases of global digital networkings, without that there are any economic interests and constraints interfering.. that we try to avert a total unleashing of this catastrophe, to organize this fight about our planetary lifeworld, for our human existence, solely on that bases, in an universal and unlimited cooperation as a global society, in which we exchange and share all the different resources and tasks we have, in which we work together for the benefit of all people on this world, using the capability of the networkings in order to identify, calculate and determine the needs and to connect the different individual intrinsic inclinations, bents, tendencies and skills in millions upon millions of different projects and manufacturings, where there might be need of about 20 ‘basic working hour’ a week for everyone, as a maximum, where we could implement immediately all the so urgently needed massive renaturations, instead of producing more and more SUV’s and trucks..
    Yes, we have to accomplish tremendous emergency measures, doing these vast and massive renaturations (reforestations, creating peatlands and moors, stabilizing the animal world), building a global renewable energy system, modifying the energy supply for houses and buildings, transforming the global mobility system from mass automobilty and logistics to sweeping and high clock-rate electrified railbound systems, replacing all air transportation and marine engines with liquid hydrogen drive systems, to restructure the whole of the industries in order to produce durable and highly-quality products, to create an entire recycling system for these goods in a circular economy, changing the global agriculture into organic farmings, giving up livestock and dairy farming for a large part, etc.. for which only very few years are left, which could only be done in efforts comparable to those during World War II…
    But, all these efforts can’t be organized keeping the world’s monetary and trade system, together with its current international power structures, in which every nation is in an extreme competition against each other, generating the most of finances possible, in which everyone has to struggle primarily for ones ‘economical existence’…
    Not only because there aren’t enough financial resources for such tremendous reconstructions and modifications left in this economic struggle, especially because those would be, in the whole, against the fundamental essence of financial systems, that overproduction, abundance and wasting generates more money, in an endless growth of consumerism, preferably with shortlived products in bulk, and, in the end, that it is much cheaper to burn the most of it after it’s used than to recycle all of them..
    Yes, as a result and to make it short, everybody who wants to keep our planetary lifeworld and with it our human civilization must focus on, to organize this struggle for survival of humanity, solely on bases of the global digital networkings (computer systemically decentralized and open source), without that any economical constraints do interfere, without that any traces of the monetary organizational tool are left…
    This is our last chance and possibility we have in order to do an ’emergency break’, to reduce our lifestyle to an existential (material) minimum, until the whole of the industries, the whole way of producing and consuming, the energy and mobility systems and so on, are rebuild, in a radical change of course, into circular and sustainable economies in accordance with natural processes, evolutions and progresses… Let’s see the future not the past!”

    As other summarizations:
    To save our lifeworld on this planet, being in this ‘house on fire’, we have first to extinguish the major cause of conflagration and the fire accelerant, which is nothing else than our monetary world system which we have to extinguish replacing it fully and completely with the global digital networkings or we simply don’t have any chance to keep our lifeworld..!

    This crisis can only be solved replacing, overcoming and eliminating the ‘monetary era’ with the ‘digital era’!
    This world can only be saved and transformed In the necessary speed and in that scale intodrucing the, in history books subsequently really described as that, ‘digital era’ by replacing fully and completely the ‘monetary era’ with it!

    The world has to hold its breath, to escape ahead and to redefine its civilization!

    The influences and effects of monetary systems can not be changed simply by trying to change the effects or just by changing them..

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,
    build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

    This, what is going on at the moment, is nothing else than a deadly lifeworld destroying catastrophic mega event, which we can’t avert maintaining the monetary world system!
    Everybody who doesn’t focus on and do everything to overcome them, to shut them off, is finally a part of the destruction of our living world and of ourselves, takes part in the successive ‘terrestrial suicide’…

    Our last possibilty and solution is to shift our world organisation which works now via money and trade completely onto therefore prepared global digital networkings (computer systemically decentralized and open-source) to a specific date.. (if possible 01.01.2025 at the latest)
    This seminal catastrophe, which is going on right now, can’t be faced keeping the financial system..
    For this we’ve to initiate a great global human chain reaction to reach this as one of the first goals, together that everybody changes his way of living, for example not using any engine combustions, e.g. cars, motorcycles, not to fly or going on ship tours, if it is not completely existential or for emergency cases, to eat meat or milk products as little as possible, trying to change the house energy supply into a regenerative one, and to buy only very necessary (regional) consumer products, etc. this as some first emergency measures..
    But this won’t be enough, the whole system of mobility, industries, building industry, agriculture, wood industry, almost all has to change against the sense of generating and making money..

    There is no other chance to try the impossible.. it’s very clear and it’s getting clearer and clearer every day, that the world’s monetary and trade system is not appropriate to organize the world in it’s struggle for survival, especially not with its inherent forces of extreme competition, rivalry, concentration and as a result, that everything is done primary to generate the most of money which is possible..
    We don’t have any other chance than to get them over and to focus to replace the world’s organization via therefore prepared global digital networkings in order to face this catastrophe and to do the last possible emergency brake..
    And there’s no other way than trying to convince all the people, all organisations, all movements, publishing houses, neighbours, friends, everyone, to get this established and accomplished in the next years with and in a great human chain reaction..
    I myself use all occasions to speak with people and that they should pass on this awareness raising as much as they can themselves and therefore, what is a great principle of the XR-movement, to create and join ‘Citizen Assemblys’..
    I use Facebook and emails to address people and groups all around the world, I write to parties, movements, organisations, NGO’s and try to speak with their leaders, whenever there’s an opportunity.. I address public figures, people on the street, on manifestations and events, family members and friends.. In a way, I did describe it in the longer presentation, as the ‘principle of 150’..
    For me there’s not much other left, because it’s simply now the situation of all or nothing..
    this is our last and only possibility trying to halt this ‘terrestrial suicide’..
    every day the final chances are diminishing..

    If we, in this foreseeable sinking of the ‘Titanic Lifeworld Earth’, do not all act in concert, if the middle classes of the world cling to their combustion vehicles, their round-the-world flights and boat trips, their meat over-consumption and dairy farming, their spending sprees, their monetary incentive and bonus systems, etc., if the rich and super rich cling to the extra ordinary of their world-wide scattered real estate, luxury apartments and villas, private jets, luxury yachts, luxury cars, millions&billions accounts, etc. if they vigorously maintain the current financial systems, though by now a much more intelligent, more powerful tool is already implemented in the organization of the world society, then the salvage does not work, the rescue island is not reached, there is most likely no survival for anyone. We should all be aware of that.

    As Prince Charles said (in front of Commonwealth leaders), that there are only several months left in order to save our lifeworld.. in front of representatives, world leaders and politicians, of people who finally can’t do anything, since the first scientific findings were available more than 50 years ago, of whom nobody can’t get out of their situation, each being in an extreme economical struggle for existence, often against each other…

    The government and politicians within the inherent forces of monetary systems can’t do anything different, if they are bold enough, than to spread this solution approach, to tell the truth that we, keeping the world’s monetary and trade system don’t have the slightest chance to survive this catastrophe, this battle will be lost already in a very short time..
    What is missing, that ‘Citizen Assemblys’ are created not only to alert the world population (what the mass media did fail for the most part to a maximum degree since the first scientific findings were available, because they were and are ’embedded’ in the respective national economic constraints), but also to speak out the truth, that we don’t make it, that we go the way of unavoidable extinction, if we keep the contemporary world organisation via money and trade, to say the truth, that only if we abandon them, to shut them off completely and worldwide at a specific date and organise ourselves via the global digital networkings, in order to fight this seminal catastrophe globally united for the benefit of all.. only this way we have a tiny and last chance to save our lifeworld, to save what seems to be already beyond remedy..

    The carpet, we need and must lay for a general and universal cooperation, is not on basis of money and trade, it is on basis of global digital networkings (computer systemically decentralized and open-source), without the influences of monetary systems, free from their inherent constraints of competition, rivalry and concentration! Above all and in particular, in order to keep and to preserve this planetary lifeworld and our human civilization in the historically very last minute.

    We need a global awareness raising that our main objective as humanity, and for what we have to come together (in a movement of movements), once and for all times, is to transfer the world’s monetary and trade system, to end the ‘monetary era’ with the help and on basis of therefor prepared global digital networkings (decentralized & open-source) at a specific date in the very near future, as a starting point of the change, inclusive the so absolutely necessary ’emergency brake’, of all transformation and changes, convinced that without making it to change the overall circumstances, first this seminal catastrophe can’t be halted leading into a total self-extinction already in this century, second no real profound, far-reaching change, also in longer-term perspective, is possible for all the other problems we have..

    This target date, the transfer of the monetary world system onto therefor prepared global digital networkings must be taken as a starting point for real changes and an universal transformation, can only be the real starting point, since only from this moment an unlimited and global cooperation is possible in order to fight really successfully against this seminal catastrophe. only then, this emergency brake and radical change of course can be initiated and implemented.
    And in order to tackle equally all other problems of our time of which many of them would be solved almost alongside and automatically by the changed overall circumstances.

    This is the key, the missing link in order to open a door, and when this door is opened real change is possible!

    Call for and focus on replacing the monetary world system with therefor prepared global digital networkings before these fatalistic events will take place, which foreseeable are as the main and dystopic incidents: a world war, the collapse of the financial system, societal collapses, an unleashed climate catastrophe erasing our planetary lifeworld in a for mankind surprisingly short time, together with persistant problems as starvation and poverty or abundance and wasting, which all could only be averted and/or coped putting our world organization on basis of global digital networkings..!

    Humanity, each one of us can only achieve ones self-preservation if the human form of organization continues purely on basis of global digital networkings (decentralized&open-source)!

    Even if this is unpopular at the moment, if the unpopular is not going to be the popular, if this doesn’t become very soon the agenda item of everybody and everyone on this world, than ‘good night lifeworld earth’…!

    This subject is and will be the question of our time to solve or to loose our lifeworld already in this century, starting to collapse in an accelerating speed already in few decades.. we need an emergency brake and very few years are left..

    If this great human project, if this step forward in human organization fails, humanity fails in its struggle for survival!

    For this great project of a currency&trade-Free-OneWorldSociety, to pull an ’emergency brake, to do this radical change of course the world has to grow together, has to become one!

    Every time has its task, and through the solution of these tasks humanity presses forward (growing together).

    The final battle, the fight (for survival) of our time is not people against people!
    It’s against being fixated and sticked to the monetary world system..!

    As much as humanity needs an energy and a communication system, as much as we need digital networkings, as much we have to get rid of any kind of monetary influences and way of thinking in order to survive..

    We must embrace the idea, dealing with it mentally, preparing ourselves to say goodbye and give up the monetary organizational tool, the monetary system per se, to wean ourselves radically and completely from it, instead to an active, entrepreneurial life in and for the world community solely on the basis and according to intrinsic tendencies and inclinations!

    Instead of ‘Production > Money/Trade > Distribution’ only ‘Production > Distribution’

    Prepare, come together, connect, act in concert, for a global cooperation and collaboration on basis of the digital networkings (decentralized&open-source) for our survival! and the benefit of all as a currency&trade free one world society!

    If the EU changes to become an equal member among equal members in an equitable, real one world society then the hymn of Schiller ‘Ode to Joy’ might become one of the hymns of the ‘United Earth Population’ or ‘The United States of the World’…!

    For Banners:
    System change, not climate change! [that’s the known one]

    Save this Planet! Replace the monetary world system fully and completely with the digital networkings in global cooperation!

    Replace the monetary world system | Shut down the monetary world system
    [fully and completely]
    with the digital world system! | with the help of the digital networkings!
    [Which only allows the radical change of course!]

    Redefine, reorganize and realigne the world society solely on basis of global digital networkings!

    Better an extreme change in our way of living, a paradigmen shift,
    than extreme weather/climate/floods/heat waves/droughts and climate catastrophe casualties!
    than an ecological breakdown and self-extinction!

    Extract at least 70ppm of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!
    Now, as fast as possible!
    Don’t release more greenhouse gases into it!

    Mobility needs to be rethought !
    Mass automobility is the biggest error-culture of the last century!
    Mobility turn now!
    FBikeMobility (BicycleMobility): healthier, more social, city beautifying, quality of life enhancing!
    F&EBike+Tram&TrainMobility first instead of car+suv+trucks for the masses!
    Engage&Fight for Livable Cities!
    Pedestrians, Cyclists and Micro-Mobilists – Regain the Streets!

    21st Century Proverb


    Replace, Erase the monetary
    world system, the capital+
    financial & trade system
    with the help and on basis
    of global digital networkings
    in global connection & cooperation
    for the benefit of all.. of the
    whole earth population and
    for our nature..

    COME TOGETHER in the

    Final conclusion

    Everyone on this planet, we all can only achieve our continuation as human existence, in the preservation of remaining ecosystems, of our surrounding nature, of animals & plants, together with an universal, all-inclusive, daily, individual, strictly adhered paradigm shift, aiming for to overcome the monetary world system / era, the capital+financial&trade system, switching it (computer-systemically) fully and completely off, or eliminating it after the forthcoming financial crash, continuing the organization of the world society purely and solely with the help and on basis of global digital networkings, in order to organize the struggle for survival of humanity against the home-grown, almost unstoppable, planetary lifeworld destroying catastrophe, to renew ourselves, to realigne, to redefine and to reorganize our way of living and fabrication, the whole way of producing and consuming, at a speed similar to that of World War II, thereby almost completely against the competing, compulsion driven, maximum generation of finances, against the existing ‘economical constraints’ to transform and rebuild all, so that our planet Earth can be kept habitable ..
    That this gets into the focus of everyone, who has an instinct of self-preservation for him or herself, for children and adolescents, including all nature, regardless of whether one belongs to ‘upper’ or ‘lower’ strata of society (according to financial wealth), has up to now represented conservative, right or left wing worldviews or opinions, is in this particular historical situation the question of survival!
    Any day that this is not taken unconditionally, that this becomes the agenda item of humanity, not worked for with all our might to be timely implemented, drives us deeper into an ever more inescapable maelstrom of processes towards a complete self-destruction of our planetary lifeworld, into a ‘terrestrial suicide’.
    In addition, every human being living on this planet today carries with his/her non-action or action, his or her extraordinary ‘global responsibility’!

    Drafts, ideas, imaginations of a non-monetary world or of a C&TF1WS (currency&trade.free OneWorldSociety):

    First: there would be no gigantic upheavals, at least there are already in all areas of progressive knowledge and developments, which are so far, however, reduced to an idealistic niche existence, sometimes even suppressed.
    In any case, a much lower ‘duty or basic working time’, which would be done, according to intrinsic predispositions, but also by extrinsic motivation, e.g. through community processes & actions.
    Certainly, the next decades, with regard to the fastest possible rebuilding of the energy system on a 100% regenerative basis, the material provision in the sense of a circular economy and the biological carbon capture from the atmosphere become very labor-intensive.
    For immediate, massive reforestation and restoration, the creation of peatlands and bogs, e.g. the people employed today in the financial and taxation industries, as well as in the arms industries and armies of the world could be addressed.
    It would be important to free the world from the littering, the consequences of consumerism, the throwaway society and the plastic (packing) insanity, as soon and as completely as possible to liberate, especially the oceans for the salvation of the marine life (especially whales, as a Factor of CO2 capture).
    A stabilization of the wildlife on land and in the water, the coral reefs, a committed counteraction against the mass extinction of species.
    A changed media world can lead to a rethink, a cultural change and mass actions in this regard.
    The protection of nature, the preservation, or the restoration of a broad biodiversity, as a basis for the integration and adaptation of civilized sophistication could then be a natural part of any further development.
    Instead of ‘planned obsolescence’ and ‘psychic obsolescence’, high-quality modular products would instead be produced.
    The time of overconsumption and waste, the destruction of food and goods will be a thing of the past, which amounts to a huge saving in labor.
    The value maintenance and repair sector, repair shops and recycling would be given a much higher value.
    A change to alternative mobility concepts and the widespread relocation of logistics to rail would in historical relationship uncover the current relative nonsense of individual automobile traffic, approx. 10m² + 1.4 tonnes (SUVs up to 2.5 tonnes) to transport an average of 1-2 people, inclusively with resources and working time to be saved.
    There would be a healthier, more sociable and city-enhancing mobility, where cycling and other forms of micro-mobility combined with electrified public transport would be the dominant means of transportation. Long-distance routes would be made predominantly in expansive and sweeping trains, of which rails could be placed on today’s motorways as well.
    In the healthcare sector, preventive care would be a priority, and much less medicine would be used.
    Due to a low-pollutant, semi-natural environment, pathogenic influences would be largely absent.
    There would be a universal cultural change away from the ‘money&career + consumerism’ doctrine towards more community-oriented values.
    Through the involvement of all members of the earth community, the participation of all formerly excluded from the work processes, condemned to unemployment, occupied with sometimes superfluous job creation schemes, especially in the less industrialized, poorer countries, thus a much higher human productive power would be available than it is the case today.
    In addition to the already existing and ongoing developments of a largely automated production (including 3D printers, maybe even up to 3D factory street printers in the future).
    The school system and education would be much more individualized and practice-oriented, at any rate without grading and selection procedures, and would place the highest value on each adolescent’s most distinctive development of intrinsic skills and talents, including team-oriented, group-dynamic methods.
    The caused by financial systems, unspeakable animal suffering, factory farming, animal testing, big game hunting and poaching would then hopefully be over.
    All things considered, there would be a shift to a small-scale, decentralized task distribution, which would be in connection with the Universal. Similar to an interplay/interaction of decentralized units and more central units in a network of a regenerative energy supply of humanity.
    Local, regional and global institutions would be formed, bringing together suggestions, proposals, ideas, inventions, critiques, issues of disputes and conflicts, etc., expounding them according to subject and local concerns on appropriate Internet platforms in full transparency.
    The spectrum would range from local to global, with interregional themes simultaneously written in an intercontinental language. This language would probably be English, while preserving and maintaining the various languages of the world, as well as there could be a renewed resurgence of regional traditions and cultures.
    Artisanal and small community workshops for the production of regional products of various kinds would experience a boom. So also the artistic and cultural life.
    ‘Think Global, Act Local!’ would be a natural part of the, towards more complex processes aligning, evolving way of thinking.
    In all likelihood, a change in character will take place, in the course of a general feeling, that one feels the better, the more one makes sure that fellow human beings feel better.
    Prostitution of any kind, sex industry activities would lose their monetary incentive and go down in history as an epoch.
    Women would play, according to their predominantly more pronounced, ur-intuitive dispositions, a much more important role in organizing social processes and structures.
    Economic pressures, togetherness relationship models, and marital pair formation, to start and maintain a family would almost dissipate over time. In addition to very individual ways of living, strong and very close partnerships, sometimes lifelong love relationships, there would be cultivated, possibly even predominantly, much more open, promiscuously, multifarious, albeit not conflict-free, interpersonal relationships. Accordingly, a more unbounded way of dealing with lived sexuality.
    There would hardly be any more morbid isolation, without that being recognized and remedied by many sides.
    Aging and old people re-integrated and involved into processes of social life, exclusion due to lower efficiency not happen, activities being followed up into old age.
    In the discussion of a possible reduction in the world population, such structures, including a more community-oriented and responsible parenting, could be in favor of a steady or declining population.
    There would be a more open-minded interaction within the very multifarious community groups, which is to characterize by values of respect, appreciation of each other, but also a positive, critical social interaction.
    As a result, a penal system would possibly even get by without prisons. Community harming acts would be addressed in a direct manner by the affected community in a way, which then aims to help the causer of damages to learn from this behavior, without the latter having to be locked out or reduced in personal value.
    Urban development, residential areas, housing and residential communities would all model themselves according to the changed social structures of living together.
    Sharing, bartering, gifting, and a variety of other ‘social design’ projects would be a key component in the regional / local community.
    There would be a lively exchange, in terms of mobility within the framework of environmental sustainability, within and by the entire world population.
    No mass movements and displacements would have to be absorbed, except that they would have been caused by the aftermath of the ongoing and progressive climate catastrophe or other unforeseeable environmental events.
    Not to mention the millions of people in the armies and armaments industries of the world, that war devastation of cities, regions and entire countries wouldn’t take place.
    Likewise superfluous would be informer networks, spy and monitoring systems.
    Incidentally, as one of the first effects: hunger disasters, malnutrition, genocide, exploitative, slave-like employment, child labor, trafficking in human beings, etc. treated first-rate and eliminated en passant!
    Questions and problems concerning the possession and the supply of individually adapted needs would have to be clarified. In addition to distribution centers (now stores and department stores), a new distribution principle might have to be developed, or a consciousness should be promoted, which keeps the ‘responsibility for the whole’ in view.
    A current ownership would be maintained. In the later stages of subsequent generations, for example, raffle systems could offer a solution for the more desirable objects in the real estate sector, whereupon their use would be granted for a certain period of time. Until also there a balance in this sector has been reached, or each has found his own individual way of life and dwelling, which would also always be adapt to dynamic changes and local needs.
    A third-party property, or a property that is currently operated, managed or used in solidarity, would remain similar in the organizational administration, but in the hierarchical structure develop to models such as ‘self-organization in enterprises’, ‘collective intelligence’, etc.

    Certainly, these are only rough conceptual drafts for discussion that develop, concretize or vary in further popularity or in the preparatory phase. Also, there will certainly be regional deviant, different developments.

    What everyone could do if the current particular situation in connection with this approach, as supposedly the last effective measure, has a personal conviction, in order to pass it on:

    First: no new idea was ever ‘efficacious to greater public’, but it is without question the idea whose time has come!!
    Thus, it is up to the few to bring this idea into snowball systems, where every one tries to convince his or hers 100 connections (friends, neighbors, acquaintances) to do the same, especially in a direct personal exchange.. to pass this on, as much as possible, also to international contacts as well.. via emails, Twitter, chats, FB posts, websites, reader forums, through surveys.. to use every little opportunity available, for example, to convince tourists to pass this on.. to ask influential people, of cultural and political kind, even wealthiest (after all, it is ultimately about the survival of all people and our all nature) personalities, to make pressure on them until they can no longer avoid to take a stand in public, to discuss this idea in discussions or to mention it in talk shows and interviews, or even convincingly to speak up for it.. also, to confront political organizations, movements, NGO’s, initiatives, etc. or directly participating in them, joining trade union groups.. participate at events that address audiences and speakers, or to hold own lectures .. trying to generate viral hits on Youtube, Facebook, etc. .. to ask Dok-filmmakers, journalists, creative people, writers, Youtube influencers to process this artistically, in short films, in documentaries, TV&Web reports, in literature, etc.. create own lists of persons/people and organisations to address, be persistant and not giving up, leave some discussion, let some conversation rest, check for some time and start over again, think again, plan new actions .. build and maintain discussion groups and organizational structures, spread this idea in Internet forums or as reader comments.. help to build a platform, over all ideologies, religions, nations, possessions & assets, parties & organizations, a target-oriented Internet platform and in a creation of a global alliance (‘Global Alliance Currency & Trade FREE WorldSociety’ or ‘Global Alliance Pro Survival’?).. and finally to contribute actively and incessantly to the implementation of this great project 🙂

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