A ‘Turquoise New Deal’ > the Regeneration of Earth

A ‘Turquoise New Deal’ > the Regeneration of Earth

You must by now feel quite familiar with the term ‘Green New Deal’.

This term comes from a proposed package of United States legislation that aims to address climate change and economic inequality. The name refers to the “New Deal”, a set of social and economic reforms and public work projects undertaken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression. The “Green New Deal” combines Roosevelt’s economic approach with cutting-edge ideas for reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions such as renewable energy and resource efficiency.

Senator Edward Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a fourteen-page resolution for their Green New Deal on February 7th, 2019. The approach pushes for transitioning the United States to use 100% renewable, zero-emission energy sources, including investment into electric cars and high-speed rail systems, and implementing the “social cost of carbon” that was part of the Obama administration’s plans for addressing climate change within 10 years. Besides increasing state-sponsored jobs, this Green New Deal also aims to address poverty by directing much of the improvements to the “frontline and vulnerable communities” which include poor and disadvantaged people. To gain additional support, the resolution includes calls for universal health care, increased minimum wages, and preventing monopolies.

So far all clear right? Now let’s skip to another deal that’s just surfaced around the corner and not many people know about. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that — when it comes to natural resources restoration, economic revitalization and climate resilience — Elizabeth Warren is taking things a lot further then all of the other U.S. presidential candidates. This was even more clear on December 10th, 2019, when she introduced her Blue New Deal proposal for regenerating fisheries, restoring marine ecosystems, revitalizing coastal economies and adapting to climate change.

Elizabeth states: ‘The world’s oceans are in crisis. Across the planet, more than 90% of global fish stocks are fully exploited or overfished. The ocean has absorbed 93% of the heat trapped by greenhouse gases, warming the waters disrupting migration patterns, bleaching coral reefs, and fueling sea level rise. Around 30% of the carbon pollution we have pumped into the air has been absorbed in our oceans, leading to ocean acidification, changing the very chemistry of seawater. And pollution from land — whether from manufacturing, agricultural runoff, or plastic waste — is causing dead zones in our waterways and Great Lakes.

Our coasts are flooding and eroding, threatening the 40% of Americans who live in coastal counties. Our safety, public health, food security, and infrastructure are at risk. If we do not act now, things will only get worse, as climate change leads to more severe weather. I am proud to be one of the original co-sponsors of the Green New Deal, which charts a path to transition to a 100% clean energy future, while rebuilding our economy from the bottom up and creating millions of good paying, union jobs. Environmental justice and economic justice go hand-in-hand, and I am committed to making the climate crisis and the inequality crisis top priorities in my administration.

As we pursue climate justice, we must not lose sight of the 71% of our planet covered by the ocean. While the ocean is severely threatened, it can also be a major part of the climate solution — from providing new sources of clean energy to supporting a new future of ocean farming. That is why I believe that a Blue New Deal must be an essential part of any Green New Deal — helping us fight climate change, protecting our health, and creating good, high-wage union jobs in the process.’

Wauw, here we have Two New Deals, a green and blue one that really go well hand in hand. So…I was thinking… If we are to acknowledge that sea rights are supposed to be treated as without borders, why the F*ck don’t we do the same for all of the other Global problems we have?! 

So how about a Yellow New Deal, a Red New Deal, or even better get it all done in one fell  swoop! 

In a former essay I wrote this: ‘Energy? A massive shift from fossil to renewable energy has already started and we can speed it up if we want to. Climate Crisis? Stop using fossil fuels and pushing carbon into the atmosphere and plant a lot of trees to stop and reverse the process.’ All of this can be a part of a Global Green & Blue New Deal.

Outdated technology and methods of organisation? Blockchain (based) technology will offer us new solutions. In healthcare, education, all kind of sectors where we need to see where our ‘resources’ are ‘traveling’ and what we can do more efficiently. Poverty? Introduce Universal Basic Services. Hunger? The same, and bring food production solutions to where the problem is. Fresh water? We can distill it locally out of the air now. Welfare? That one is already solved with UBI (Universal Basic Income as initiated by Italy), or UBS (Universal Basic Services). Plundering of resources? Give people basic needs and there is no necessity for them to plunder for profit. BAM! There’s the Yellow New Deal

Politics & Democracy? Self-governance is possible through AI & blockchain technology. More retired (pensioned) people and fewer younger people? Let them take care of each other as initiated in the Netherlands. Stress? Change the workweek from 40 to 21 hours (like the 24 hours workweek introduced in Finland just now), we will have to anyhow because of automation. Obesity? Go through an inner coaching course and learn why you don’t care enough about yourself and the world and start to appreciate and love yourself again. Refugees? No need to flee your country if we treat our (dis)agreements and solutions from a holistic view. BAM! There’s the Red New Deal!

Lisa Savage, seeking to become the US senator for Maine, and Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, spoke at a demonstration in Portland, ME. “U.S. military aggression serves war profiteers, not the people,” said Savage in a recent statement. “We cannot bomb our way to a peaceful resolution of the conflict zone our nation has created in Iraq, nor is deliberately provoking Iran in our best interests as a nation. Diplomacy and the restoration of congressional authority over the president’s use of the U.S. military are urgently needed. We need senators and congresspeople willing to stand up to the Pentagon and the executive branch of government to say no to more warmongering.” SHABAM! There’s a Black New Deal to get rid of war, conventional and nuclear weapons and space debris. 

To make a long story short, with whatever you feel is missing, or is ‘present’ in the UN’s SDG’s and Politics…The last COP25 failed again. Basically everyone who’s part of maintaining the extracting capitalistic consuming system is in fact “guilty” of committing Ecocide & Unicide*. And guess what? We are in jail already. We have committed the crime, and proclaimed the punishment over ourselves, and, freely – without coercion – have boxed ourselves in a powerful consumption-based system in which the financial system and the carrier (Earth) are breaking apart. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy that will be followed by a sharp U-Turn towards a regenerative system. So fortunately the illusionary door is not locked: we can walk out anytime…

Do you find the above upsetting? Well please stop feeling upset. Our consciousness knows this truth already, we just do not act on it yet. How do we do so? Sign the Ecocide petition? The world is virtually run by billions of ‘eco-terrorists’ by now, and guess what? There’s a 99% chance that we are part of them. There will come a day when the 3rd industrialization era will go down in history books as a severe crime against humanity and nature. Things have gone pretty berserk…We come up with ‘solutions’, whose only value is that they fit in the box of current thinking, and don’t tackle the root causes including the consequences for future generations. A simple example is the Emissions Trading System which is virtually blood money. It’s like sitting in a room with people arguing where to sit in which someone is smoking a cigarette and paying everyone else off to inhale the toxic air with them. And doing so somehow make it feel morally right too! The fact is that everyone in the room are f*cked anyhow! So when are we, ‘the others’ in the room, going to speak up, take action and group together as one? Who is actually willing to listen? No leader will help us out here – we all have to engage in leadership towards systematic change. 

Why am I writing this so bluntly? Because I am positive about the future and know we can do much better for everyone, and, most of all, I want to help us snap out of the massive apathy humanity is apparently in. 

So let us include ALL New Deals in one sweep…A Turquoise New Deal to Regenerate Earth. 

Because it actually makes sense :).




*Humanity’s inability to Unite

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  1. Hi there! This article could not be written much better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I most certainly will send this information to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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