Before the catharsis

Before the catharsis

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Now as events are speeding up, – please allow me a few comments

Following the social and economic power currents, everbody undeniably feels the “spirit” of changes. We more and more see the need of a new era unfolding. But we must realize that, if we didn’t have what we have today, there wouldn’t be anything to compare to this new coming era. – Our civilization became too comfortable and it is no longer viable. It is a fact. No matter that we know it, we must compulsorily go through and experience it ourselves. We are at the beginning of this labor right now.

Once again; – how could we talk about any kind of timely or predicted new era, if everything was just nice and wonderful ? There is a serious amount of consistent work invested in chaos being so widespread. The relevant paragraph here is that every new forming order needs the previous chaos. We constantly emphasize that on our site, but it is good to avoid the different daily opinions. The crowds get collided, judgement based on generalization, suppressed feelings, unrecognized fears coming from dissatisfaction are all on rampage. And all these come from that we don’t know neither our Selves nor our world. The only thing we know is our expectation that this should be somehow otherwise. Most preferably in accordance with our religion or our affiliation. And yes, we make generalizations about everything. Let it be the immigrant issue, or America, or judging the “west” and we could continue the list infinitely.

Let’s just think about it. The way I can know that I am a “crowdperson” is for example that I generalize my opinions about the immigrants without a second thought. – However it was us who implicitly tousled the Middle East and Africa and we could continue this list as well. And it is unpleasant when the ice cream licks back.

– How were the “welfare societies” formed ? As the fable says no snowflake feels responsible for the avalanche… – Then… we condemn America too, however armed rebellions take place in e.g. Oregon. Of course there is a news blackout about it, just like in the case of Köln. We sold our responsibility to faceless “smart people”.

Among the dear conspirators “will-championship” and ceremonial magic are quiet common. These give a very far-sight view about the real meaning of life.

Solely this has nothing to do with secret doctrines. They hide completely different things and those are much more prosaic. – We need to understand something! Let them be free masons or any similar group, who we assume about, that they possess occult knowledge. It is not that! – It is only an illusion, or “poetic personification”. Simply a group of pondering people, who have more information. We can state something – accusing Them with wisdom would be a prosecution misconduct.

It is clear that there have been many experiments in the direction of acquiring occult capabilities. In military circles they made some progress, but they can’t gain significant results, because in a polarized world homogeneous bad doesn’t exist and neither does objectivity without morals. And what they call so is only necessary to show the need for the innermost Humanity that is drawn from pure ideas. Please understand! As long as the social structure of today does not collapse, we can’t build a new one instead. Botching and lying don’t help anymore. And there is no shortage of creativity… – The energy issue, environmental pollution and others are not problems, but tasks and they can be solved.

– So the prosaic reasons are our real technological development, – the actual information of our narrower and wider “environment”. The real operating mechanism of human identity. And they tried to hide these for many many centuries. They don’t have any special capabilities that the participants of the secret ceremonies practice.

Don’t misunderstand me! I deeply respect those who are exceptions from these statements. Moreover I respect those as well, who are front-line fighters of the forming catharsis. – And those, who get sick of the enchantment of power and money, for which they may be compensated with deep remorse penetrating to the bone. Neither is an easy path, everything does and will have its price.

Why is it necessary to possess information ? – Because there is no other way to control the crowds. – To turn them against each other… To create skirmishes of politicians… – and we could continue this as well. However where there are only “lots of smart people” without higher ideologies, – there will always be a breaking point.

And last but not least the new era would be cancelled as well because of the lack of interest.

But please! In such an information explosion, how could anyone hide anything for a long time ? Let’s note that during the different eras, extra information was always possessed by those, who formed history.

But what kind of extra information ?

Information about different parallel civilizations and life on other planets ?

About existence being divided into plains and dimensions ?

And that these are part of our everyday life, not only our far-future ?

– Because everything is determined by resonance. It has a collective inertia factor, but the avalanche can no longer be held back. In democracy only those people are shown, who are happy as sheep with a bell in their neck. Since their power comes from imagined desires and fears.

So go for it, – let the events happen and let’s hope that more and more sane people will raise their heads. Of course tragedies, injustices, horrors, and miracles will follow. And why ? Because they are timely. The conditions are given, we have the characters, just like in archaic Greek dramas and we are around at the end of the third act. – This is the catharsis and in a few years’ time we will realize that we needed this in order to have that we will have.

Murzsicz András

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